KIDS & BOOZE: What You Must Know to Help Them by Wilbur Cross

KIDS & BOOZE: What You Must Know to Help Them

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Cross refers at one point to ""compiling"" this book, and that's about the size of it. Much consists of actual (""not fictitious""--therefore usually aimless, banal, repetitive) rap sessions among young drinkers, or just young people in general, who contribute top-of-the-head remarks about everything from why they started drinking to whether their churches are ""involved"" in alcohol education. More consists of quoted or paraphrased advice from various ""experts"" (usually counselors rather than researchers) who tend to communicate in lists and might, as one does here, put the evils of X- and R-rated movies and the values of attending church together above ""really listening"" to your children. And the rest is devoted to commending a variety of alch-ed programs--an appended list of which might be useful to the parents who won't find answers here. Cross' own message is to face up to your child's drinking problems, have a talk with him or her, and get professional help if things have gone too far. Beyond that, the compilation is loose, the content soft.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1979
Publisher: Dutton