FULL CARGO by Wilbur Daniel Steele


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Already known to many readers for his terse regional novels and short stories, Daniel Steele will give old admirers-and it is hoped some new- a good deal of lism, humor, mood and atmosphere in this new collection of shorter pieces. Most of stories are laid in the areas about which Steele knows and likes best to write- the 1st, the New England Coast and North Carolina. Their subjects are people and their lings and reactions towards themselves, each other and their environments. In Way Women, a middle-aged Abercrombie & Fitch New Yorker gets lost on a hunting trip, geps with a farmer's wife, and meets with a friendly acceptance. In Sailor, Sailor, boyhood episode of boat-sailing and mud-city building on the banks of a ditch is wed with the full flovering of scene transference that a strong imagination often gives experience. Ching, Ching, Chinaman is the story of a minister beaten at his own game conversion...A clever craftsman and an able entertainer, this collection strikes at popular level- which is possibly limited by the medium.

Pub Date: Dec. 6th, 1951
Publisher: Doubleday