THE HAPHAZARD YEARS: How America Has Gone to War by

THE HAPHAZARD YEARS: How America Has Gone to War

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The ""invincible"" fleet commanded by Admiral Dewey, which destroyed Spanish sea power at Manila Bay, was only good by comparison. A German battle fleet also in the area at that time could have easily destroyed it! Thus the authors illustrate America's tendency toward military weakness, even at a time when we were already becoming the most advanced technological nation in the world. Through World War I, the 20's and 30's, into the second World War, they discuss this lack of preparation, made more inexcusable because of the minds and means of production which could at any time have given us great military strength. The book contains too detailed analysis for the average reader, of the costs of war, methods of military planning in the present age, and a plea for more basic research in military fields. Well-written and clearly presented.

Publisher: Doubleday