GOLDEN FOX by Wilbur Smith


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South African-adventure writer Smith continues his saga of the Courtney family (When the Lion Feeds, The Sound of Thunder, A Sparrow Falls), now taking the superrich Courtneys into the 70's and pitting them against the Cubans who have moved into nearby Angola. In a reversal of the usual honey trap, the bait is an exceptionally handsome and long-lasting man, Ramon, the Marques de Santiago y Machado, and the target is young, pleasure-mad Isabella Courtney. Machado, cousin and loyal follower of Fidel Castro, is also a KGB officer who has honed his seduction and satisfaction skills on the highestborn ladies of the corrupt Western world. Young Isabella is therefore no match for him when he picks her up at a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park. She's nuts for him. And after he switches her birth-control pills for aspirin, she's perfectly happy to have his baby. After all, he has promised to marry her as soon as he sheds his first wife back in Cuba. But the first wife is as big a fake as Ramon's promises. It's all a plot to get control of Isabella so she will spy on her family's military-industrial activities--as well as on anything else that looks interesting in the highest South African political circles. The baby is whisked away by the evil Cubans, and the unmarried Isabella begins to do the bidding of the KGB. But neither the KGB nor the Marques have figured on the fierceness of Isabella's fighting family and all their corporate airplanes. Smith is much more comfortable and clever with big-game hunting and battle scenes than he is with politics and social observations--which here read a bit like Danielle Steel in Cape Town.

ISBN: 394-58971-8
Publisher: Random House
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