SERVANT OF PEACE by Wilder- Ed. Foote


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Arranged chronologically, some in full, some excerpts, this collection of addresses, statements and comments by Dag Hammerskjold is important as his ""record of action"" and a legacy to others carrying on his work, but also as the testament of his philosophy. ""A man of true inner greatness in a position of high leadership"", a man of pragmatic realism as well as idealistic vision, Hammarskjold was determined to use the UN as a means of preventing the extension of the Cold War (""Ours is a work of reconciliation and realistic construction"") and to fulfill his own role of public servant as ""instrument, catalyst, inspirer"". Many of the speeches necessarily deal with the problems the UN faced- and he faced- as its leader-from the at times of international crisis (Suez, Hungary, etc.) through to his famous ""I shall remain in my post"" reply to Khrushchev. The range is of course wide, from disarmament to diplomatic techniques to science versus human relations, and throughout there is the insistent appeal for international cooperation and respect for all peoples and cultures.... Not a book for the general reader, but of real value as a permanent record of Hammerskjold's ambitions and achievement.

Publisher: Harper & Row