ALL SUMMER LONG by Wilder Hobson


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Suggestive entire on the Apres-mid d'un Faune, as J. Bates Upham, 62 but not senile, witnesses the disturbance created by Estelle, his protegee, in himself and in the anatomies of his clientele in his Brooklyn Heights' gambling house. Seductive and sultry, bypasses the attentions of the Edwardian Upham, of two of his assistants, and allows herself to be taken by Hugo Zachias, very rich but no spring chicken -- thereby causing the stormy displacement of Vivien, his mistress, but leaving Estelle in full possession of the field. Hugo's money, his Long Island estate, and his heavily corrected presence...Comedy which is rather scantily developed, which ranges from the guarded to the open leer, and which may appeal to the tired roue.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce