DOGS: Best Breeds for Young People by Wilfrid A. Bronson

DOGS: Best Breeds for Young People

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The subtitle is so completely a misnomer that what's good about Dogs--the unfettered comments on raising any kind--may evade the very reader who doesn't brood about breeds. Mr. Bronson is one who would have us ""see things from (the dog's) point of view"": he regards cropping and docking as injurious and Unjust to the dog; would let him piddle uninterrupted to maintain his place in ""canine society""; explains ""unswallowing"" as a natural adaptation with practical origins. There is also, throughout, specific advice on play and playthings, on providing exercise and avoiding problems (along with reference to ""complete"" manuals). The trouble is that it is scattered throughout--in rather long (for a little book) chapters whose headings don't designate their contents. Better titled and more clearly organized, it might be the canine Dr. Spock; as is, its common sense is submerged (and for some people may be spoiled by the rather coarse cartoons).

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1969
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World