THE EARTH IS OURS by Wilhelm Moberg


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A difficult book to appraise, because it is too fine a piece of writing to overlook, and yet it is bound to be an exceedingly difficult book to place. Not strictly a novel -- it reads more like autobiographical fiction. Published in Sweden as a trilogy, one part only has appeared here in translation (Memory of Youth which had a good press and insignificant sales). Now the story comes up to the Munich pact, and ends on a confession of faith and a note of hope in the youth movement. But chiefly it is a story of a marriage wrecked on conflict in a man between his devotion to his children and the pull of the earth which was his heritage. A nostalgic book -- a revealing picture of Swedish village and country life. But the plot is negligible; the regional flavor not particularly of one country or another; the charm an intangible and fleeting thing, more in the manner than the matter. Moberg is a well-established writer in his native land. This will win him a small circle of appreciative readers here.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1940
Publisher: Simon & Schuster