SELECTED WRITINGS: AN Introduction To Orgonomy by Wilhelm Reich

SELECTED WRITINGS: AN Introduction To Orgonomy

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This selection provides a good introduction to many of the basic theories and teachings of Wilhelm Reich, the psychologist who with his research into ""orgone energy"" was considered by his followers to be one of the world's greatest biophysicists, while others considered him psychotic in his statements on strange radiations known only to him and his devotees, and his conviction of persecution. It should be mentioned that Reich was persecuted, in that the Federal Food and Drug Administration succeeded in the banning of his books by defining them as ""labels or advertising matter"" for his controversial orgone energy accumulator, which he claimed could cure many diseases- even cancer. The present writings deal most heavily with various aspects of the orgone theory- i.e. that he had discovered a measurable sexual energy (orgone) in the atmosphere. In the healthy human being it flows freely through the body during sexual excitation, and in the neurotic it is blocked by various muscular knots or ""armoring"". Orgone makes the sky blue, and can be drawn from the atmosphere and used to neutralize atomic radiation. The most interesting section here is the third, Therapy, which details his unusual diagnoses and techniques, but while his therapeutic contributions are generally recognized, his orgone experimentation has yet to produce demonstrable results..... Certainly a book for his many converts as well as a partial professional audience.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy