THE ROAD TO GERMAN UNITY by Wilhelm Wolfgang Schutz


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The reunification of the German state is vital, in this author's opinion, and to this purpose a political strategy is essential. His object here, is to show that the Bonn government ""can and must achieve"" such a policy. To this end he proposes, and briefly but clearly describes, a two-stage program. The first task is to conceive and implement a reorganization of NATO consistent with his goal by 1969, at which time the member states will be entitled to resign from that military alliance if they do not feel it continues to further their best interests. The second stage encompasses a ten-year plan, spanning two West German parliaments. This is his working hypothesis, encompassing negotiations first with the Western powers, then with the Soviet bloc, and finally the convocation of a German national assembly to iron out the knotty details of merger over a two to three year period. Herr Schutz is an astutely realistic political thinker, and his proposals are undoubtedly as sincere as they are explicit. The author, however, inadvertently testifies to the problematic character of his subject by his own reference to his once and (he hopes) future compatriots as ""murderers.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Praeger