DOWN IN DIXIE: Stories from the Southcentral States by Wilhelmina - Ed. Harper

DOWN IN DIXIE: Stories from the Southcentral States

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Another in Our States in Story series -- the editor one of the most skilled in the field. The subjects offer considerable variety and added together give a sense of local history, regional values, and the kinds of things about each state that give that state its own special significance. Some of the stories have luxury backgrounds- others tell of people living on the ragged edge. There are stories showing that America's frontier spirit still survives. There are family stories- and animal stories- and stories of the different peoples, races, nationalities that make up America. There are stories of other days- but many more stories of today. There are stories of famous people and famous places. And there isn't a dull story in the lot. An index would add to its reference value- but primarily it is a book for entertainment, not information.

Publisher: Dutton