THE TRAGIC CONFLICT: The Civil War and Reconstruction by Will B. Hesseltine

THE TRAGIC CONFLICT: The Civil War and Reconstruction

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One of the first two volumes in this publisher's new ""American Epoch Series"", this fascinating tome anthologizes the letters, articles, news accounts, speeches, etc., of America's most trying period---the Civil War. Called in the introduction ""the last of the romantic wars---first of the modern wars as well--"" this great conflict and its immediate aftermath are here seen through the eyes of Horace Greeley, Jefferson Davis, General U.S. Grant, Dana's Secret Service, Basil Duke, pieces in the Atlantic and Harper's, Henry Adams, and dozens of other highly respected, definitive and valued sources. Throughout run the themes of political and economic differences causing the War, the bitterness with which it was fought (the terribly high economic cost as well) and the enmity it left which still survives in the South today. This volume promises much for a series which will give us carefully selected first-hand accounts of the great moments--and minds--in our nation's history.

Publisher: Braziller