LAW FOR THE FAMILY by Will Bernard


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Interestingly written, even from the viewpoint of a lawyer who, quite naturally, takes issue with what the book attempts. Quite naturally, because this book tries to tell what the law is, from dog bites to freedom of religion and the handling of estates. The danger- a lawyer feels -- is that when laymen presume to be lawyers (which this book might persuade them to do) there will be a great deal of un-doing work for lawyers. The author has taken the entire field of law and chosen cases that appear to answer the questions that might arise in each field, from playing a radio too loud to a Supreme Court Case on Segregation. If the law were as simple as he makes it appear, we could do away with the great law schools and their faculties....What it may accomplish is to help avoid some of the situations that give rise to legal action. And to make the lay public more knowledgeable about what constitutes ""law for the family"".

Publisher: Scribner