CHIRICAHUA by Will Henry


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The Chiricahuas or Cherry Bow people were the last of the Apaches and this is the story of Chatto, leader of 26 of them, filled with hesh-ke or the rage to kill -- and of a stagecoach to be hurried through to Tucson carrying a pregnant woman (about to deliver) and some gold -- and of Chatto's victory after many hearts are buried following what was known as the Kensington massacre -- and of a drifter and a scout's attempt to reclaim a white infant from Chatto's squaw who had lost hers to a bullet. Will Henry has been in this part of the world before and after the cinema cliche Wayned, and he still tells an exciting and resolute story with authenticating detail.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1972
Publisher: Lippincott