SAN JUAN HILL by Will Henry


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The war which was immortalized with one word (CHARGE!) is fought here again through the eyes and experiences of one Fate Baylen from Arizona, but his part in it is really only subsidiary to the actual events and participants: Teddy Roosevelt who for all his ""wildly improbable military manner"" was an inspiriting source of confidence and courage; the college kids and cowboys, white and blacks, who fought under him; and the irregularities of this slapdash campaign from the landing to the long guerrilla fighting to the ""labored climb"" (no charge) to the confusion and victory at the top of San Juan Hill. Fate's story alternates with the authentic account of the skirmish--his strong loyalty to and love for the Colonel, the death of his friend, his attempt to save a little girl- Cuba Libre, and his own brush with death when he is shot down. It is all in all a substantial and sustained retread of battle action and the long bibliography attests to more than a nodding acquaintance with history.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1962
Publisher: Random House