NO SURVIVORS by Will Henry


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With a whoop and a holier this returns to the post-civil war days in the west of Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull- is based on the documents of ex-Confederate Colonel Clayton and is a full fleshed and blooded story of Custer's- and the Indians'- last stand. Clayton, serving as a civil scout for the Army in Powder River country, chafes at his superiors and their misunderstanding and mishandling of the Indians, is taken in by the Sioux and becomes the favorite of Crazy Horse. Living among the Indians for nine years as a blood brother, falling in love with Star who bears his child, the renewal of hostilities brings back his old allegiance to his own people. Warning Custer, he is disbelieved, witnesses the massacre and Custer's death, and escapes with his own life... Hypo-ed up for modern, masculine tastes, this should annex the western market as well.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1950
Publisher: Random House