THE ROAD TO FAITH by Will Oursler
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This is an intensely personal book, growing out of the author's quest for faith, and the finding of it, but it becomes the personal pilgrimage of the reader as well, for Will Oursler writes (and beautifully) in the terms of life and its people and its stories, its hurts and needs, defeats and triumphs, and each shares these experiences as if they were his own. Mr. Oursler says the book is written, not for those who have found faith, but for those who seek it, and for them its value will be great. But many others who are already ""believers"" will find here in a memorable way the reason for the faith that is in them. Here is also the authentic poetic touch which tells more than mere words can ever tell, and the impatient prose addict may be put off, but others will read this book to both their profit and delight.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1960
Publisher: Rinehart