FAMILY STORY by Will Oursler


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Will Oursler grew up in the shadow of his dynamic, spell-binding father. In the light of all the dazzling success around him, no wonder he says, ""One clings to obscure glories"". Father Fulton, long time editor for Macfadden Publications, including the popular Liberty magazine, was the antithesis of Bernard Macfadden's physical culture program. He ate badly, drank, smocked, over-worked, and did not exercise. Earning money was the all important goal until his life began to fall apart with his second wife's alcoholism. She pleaded that if he came into the Church she would be able to stop drinking. In 1943, at the age of fifty, he entered the Roman Catholic Church and the life he had lived, his first marriage, his divorce, his years of atheism and anti-Catholicism were all wiped out at once. (It says here.) Ironically, even his conversion turned into gold as The Greatest Story Ever Told became one of the greatest best sellers ever written. Although this purports to be a story of all the members of the family, mother, father, step-mother, brother and sister, it is Fulton's story. He dominates it as, in life, he dominated those around him.

Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls