THE TWO JACKS by Will R. Bird


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For those who like their truth stranger than fiction, this is a fast-moving account of the experiences of two Canadians in World War II. Captured by the Germans on D-Day, Jack Fairweather and Jack Veness escaped from a German prison train while still in France, and made contact with the Maquis. They were taken to a forest camp presided over by a man who combined the best and worst features of Robin Hood and Captain Blood. It is the incredible presence and personality of Captain Georges Le Coz which makes the story of the ""two Jacks"" something other than a conventional escape story. A brave, impulsive, cruel braggart, Le Coz commanded his group like a miniature foreign legion and effectively harassed the Germans, while carrying on his private war against suspected collaborators. It was this which eventually destroyed him, and he was tried and hung by the Maquis. Author Bird has a good story to tell, and men particularly will enjoy it.

Publisher: Macrae-Smith