THE NEW WILDERNESS: What We Know about Space by Willard E. Wilks

THE NEW WILDERNESS: What We Know about Space

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A staff member of Missiles and Rockets magazine, Willard Wilks is interested in presenting the facts and future of space to the layman. In dealing with a complex scientific subject, he has eschewed over-simplification for a deeper detailing of his material, so that while there is much to be learned here, some may be absorbed, some not. The nature of space, man's theories about it and practical applications; the nature of the solar system and the universe and spaceship earth; the how and why of rocketry and exploration, including the relation of the scientific to the military in the various attitudes of NASA and the Department of Defense and how basic and applied research are jockeying for advance position; the further uses in consumer terms (weather stations, communications); the projects to conquer space and probabilities of exploration and possibilities of life on Venus or Mars are all considered. The effect is to give a general overall view with substantial scientific detail for the average reader.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1963
Publisher: McKay