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Micronesia in the only Strategic Trust Territory, so named by the UN and presided over by the U.S., which has therein its greatest opportunity ""to demonstrate how its resources, schools and techniques can be used to make an undeveloped region become, in the contemporary fashion, emergent."" Thus our reporter on the scene, whose eye of irony sometimes belies the fact that he writes of Micronesia with the intent to engage in more way than one. It would seem he had a ball among the Paluans, Kapingamarangi, and Yaps, as he toured the two thousand islands which hold ninety thousand people speaking several languages (English is being promoted as the lingua franca) and enjoying various stages of civilization. Micronesia includes Kwajalein (Nikes and the transplanted suburban life) and Bikini (for which the natives are home-sick), the Marianas, Marshalls, Solomons. Our man witnessed the advance of education (""Won't you come home, Bill Bailey?"" is a favorite), commerce (a leading business man collects Frank Slaughter in German), medicine (an island-hopping doctor completed 107 physicals in a day--except for the weighing in of the ladies, who broke the scales). He touches on tourist potentials and political relations. The U.S. congress dispenses, "" but of the men who hold this power, probably fewer than one-tenth have ever heard of the Trust Territory."" A bit too much fancy footwork, perhaps, but E.J Kahn, Jr's. swinging report proves that learning can be fun. Preliminary round.

Publisher: Norton