THE JOY OF LIVING by Willard Scott


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Big ol' TV weatherman Scott (The Today Show) seems to see himself as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. The Wonderful World of Willard Scott, truth to tell, is as exceptional as mush. Admittedly, Scott's been quoted by Ann Landers and mentioned by Johnny Carson; he was, at one time, a Joy Boy and Ronald McDonald; he was even one of the many incarnations of Bozo the Clown (only after matriculating at Bozo School first). Here we may learn how an unknown country bumpkin worked his way up to the post of renowned city bumpkin without losing an iota of jolly sincerity. Some of his favorite things: listening to hogs eat, shelling peas, the smell of ""fresh cow poop"" (and of horse poop, too). On his personal list of heros: David Sarnoff, Johnny Appleseed, Cyrano, Jiminy Cricket, Robert E. Lee, and Ferdinand the Bull. ""Education is overrated,"" claims the author. Work at family life, support the underdog, and speak the truth are his principles--and who's going to argue with such piety? To Willard, ""the Christian faith is a little bit like the Yellow Brick Road to Oz,"" and he sees his Jesus bearing a marked resemblance to actor Robert Morley. No doubt about it, though, Scott's a sincere type--and that alone may carry his fatuous book a fair distance.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1982
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan