THAT OLD COLLEGE TRY by Willard Temple


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The author does give it that old college try and this will have a certain amount of Junior Miss appeal. If Temple lacks Sally Benson's hard edge, he does manage a readable gloss with characters right out of central casting. The plot: Will Susan Cutler, ex-drum majorette, successfully make the transition from high school to college? Or will she be wiped out because of her not-so-impressive scholastic record? Or will she make the marriage scene instead, with Wally the Surf, who is ready to shelve his board for her? Or with Hugo the Beard, expelled from college for striking a cop during a riot and just back from Paris's Left Bank? Or will she take up again with Princeton-bound Freddie Blake, Future President of the United States? Meanwhile, what about 12-year-old sister Laura, shining bookworm who never looks at boys and hates swimming? And will brother Jim, 15, utterly dedicated to the fairway, ever be more than a golf gypsy? These are the momentous questions pondered by Mike and June Cutler, parents hip deep in college brochures for Susan. Our question is whether parents or the post-miniskirt crowd will take time off from more pressing problems to turn to this very light diversion. For the Dobie Gillis fan club.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1966
Publisher: Crown