WEB ADAMS by Willard Temple
Kirkus Star


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Moralists, stay away -- this is no book for you! But those of you who want a story about Peck's Bad Boy, 1943 edition -- come along. Web Adams, on the surface, was everything parents and teachers and neighbors dislike in a boy; but he is 100% real boy, and, fortunately, his father remembered his own youth. Web wasn't bad, or vicious, or really mean; but he couldn't stand softies, and he wasn't overfond of school, and he wasn't above sneaking a mongrel into the house, or wrecking the handiwork of his talebearing classmates', or playing hookey, or pitching a baseball into a neighbor's yard. He'd take his punishment -- and do it all again. And he never turned noble -- not in the course of this story. Now you know what to expect -- but if you've any real fondness for real boys, you'll like Web Adams. The Dwight Logan pictures were done by a man who remembered his boyhood, too.

Publisher: Scribner