EUROPEAN COMMUTER by Willi Frischauer


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A journalist writes his own biography, taking him through some of the most important European events of the century and very close to a number of others. A Viennese whose relatives hobnobbed with the Hapsburgs at the beginning of the century, Frischauer grew up in the heyday of Vienna's coffee houses, political maneuvers, and society -- very high and very low. Between the ages of 8 and 20 he claims to have thought only of women; and after that, politics. For, as a rising young reporter, he was a friend of Austria's Chancellor Dollfuss, an anti-Nazi writer, and after the Anschluss, a political exile in London. He occupied, himself there with coverage and research on Hitler's regime until, as a German-speaking foreigner, he was interned for a time. After the war he remained in England as a journalist, visited New York, and returned to Vienna, a city he found as much changed as he was since the glory of pre-war days. Interesting historical glimpses of a journalist's inside leads on stories and events, especially in the second World War -- and good personal reportage.

Publisher: Macmillan