A HOUSE FOR HOPE: A Study in Process and Biblical Thought by William A. Beardslee

A HOUSE FOR HOPE: A Study in Process and Biblical Thought

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This study explores the idea of hope in the context of modern Process Theology and the insights and way of life contained in the Christian faith. While affirming the Judeo-Christian tradition, Beardslee acknowledges that no part of what passes as Christian faith is exempt from questioning and he believes that the current ""theology of hope"" takes faith too much for granted. Establishing a structure of hope in ""the biology of sex"" with the child as the paradigm, he proceeds from this elemental point toward the central Christian focus of hope in Christ. On the way, he examines the significance of man's creativity, and the way in which that indeterminateness has replaced an older fixity in human thought. Before arriving at last at an exposition of Christ, he makes a detailed study of ""eschatology"" and the apocalyptic hope evident in the New Testament. In the development of each of these themes, the Christian view is first set forth, and then compared with those of Process philosophy. The author is aware of the widely diffused mood of gloom and despair in our culture, and makes brief allusion to some of its sources (population expansion, ecology, war), but he does not come to grips with it in terms of either traditional Christianity or Process thought. A scholarly work, not for the casual reader.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
ISBN: 0664225527
Publisher: Westminster