CHILD ABUSE by William A. Check


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This entry in the ""Psychological Disorders and Their Treatment"" section of the ""Encyclopedia of Health"" series breaks abuse into distinct categories: physical harm; malnutrition; emotional abuse and neglect (the largest number of cases); sexual abuse; and failure to thrive. Along with the oft-found discussion of myths about abuse, there are some unusual, valuable inclusions here: signs of whiplash shaking syndrome (e.g, bleeding vessels in the eye); family stresses that might be overlooked (e.g., twins). Hope is emphasized by including innovative therapy and prevention programs, such as having obstetric nurses alert authorities to families in need of extra services. The tone here is medical, with few anecdotes and numerous lists from professional organizations, including phrases readers may well find difficult (""child maltreatment is in the differential diagnosis""). A chronological epilogue about the Steinberg case lacks analysis and seems extraneous. And a chapter on historical/cultural perspectives contains an outrageously offensive remark: ""In the Bible the stories of Isaac and Moses show us that the killing of infants was part of Hebrew social custom""--followed by ""When the Christian religion gained sway in the Western world, it used its influence to counteract infanticide."" Organization list; bibliography; index.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1989
Page count: 104pp
Publisher: Chelsea House