BIG FOR CHURCH by William A. Magui
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A seagoin' priest with a flair for understatement writes of his experiences as he goes quily through an exciting life. Whether he tells of the incident in the last war which gave him the D.S.C or of December 7, 1941, as he worked under fire at Pearl Harbor, he seems unaware of self and danger, as he pursues his duty toward his fellow men. The son of a railroad executive, he spent his early years in the east, then attended a Catholic University at Louvain. Joyce Kilmer became his friend, Theodore Roosevelt and Admiral Dewey inspired him, and a word from Franklin Roosevelt his too heavy load as a young chaplain. There is no smallness in Father Maguire. His ow at ordination was to be ""all things to all men"", and he has kept it. Today he is chaplain of the Pacific Fleet, and to all denominations, colors, creeds, he appears the same, a man of God. A thoroughly readable biography, with a touch of travel and history.

Publisher: Macmillan