GUIDE TO THE GOOD LIFE by William A. Spurrier


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This is a well ordered and clearly written book on Christian Ethics. It might well be used as a text-book on the upper High School or college level. In it the author first defines the good life as a life of love and justice with God and man. It is a life which cannot be achieved by man's unaided efforts, but it can be realized with the help of God, the Church and our fellow-men. An outline of the doctrinal basis of Christian Ethics follows with emphasis upon our idea of God, Man, the Church, History. Problems of personal ethics are then taken up such as getting along with people, courtship, marriage, sex and divorce. In the field of social ethics the author deals with the Christian's attitude toward the State, politics, economics, international relations and race. A final chapter on Christian Conversion emphasizes the necessity of a real religious experience if ethical ideals are to be realized. A good, solid book that is a little didactic, but with the virtue of extreme clarity. Protestant, but not sectarian.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1955
Publisher: Scribner