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Presenting Captain David Dean O'Keefe, King of Yap, Monarch of Mapia, Sovereign of Sonsorol, whose thirty years in the South Seas were notorious & half century ago and whose story is worth the re-telling. Running away from a possible second murder charge, O'Keefe found a chance with a Chinese dentist to go into island trading and soon was able to buy his partner out and go it on his own. Married to Dalabo, daughter of King Harris, but always dreaming of returning to his wife in Savannah, O'Keefe's name soon made South Sea history, and when he beat up the pirate Bully Hayes he became top man. Buffeted between the English, the Spanish and the Germans, O'Keefe flew his own flag, trained and ordered the lives of his island people, and knew wealth he never dreamed of. With the coming of the Spanish-American War, O'Keefe's position grew more delicate until he was forced to submit to the Germans and, when he was jailed for insubordination, the rising of his people freed him. His death created scandal and fame when his American wife tried to get more than her share of his wealth and the facts of his native marriage came out. A fiction treatment for a story of larger than life proportions, this is sure fire popular biography.

Publisher: Scribner