WE ESCAPED by William Allan -- Ed. Nellson


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To late, the market seems able to absorb more and yet more personal experience stories from Europe. ty will come; ome good material may be lost in the process; so far, the quality has been astoundingly high. Here are twelve stories of hunted men and women, from all strata and of all nationalities, as told to Caroline Neilson. They are uniformly dramatic, uniformly harrowing, with a common denominator of persecution and fear and danger. A Reserve Officer from Holland who fought through the fall of Holland, a professor from Heldelberg, an artist from Prague when Czechoslovakia fell, an engineer from Poland, a German lawyer and his wife, a Viennese accountant, a Catholic writer, a young Norwegian, an editor from Berlin, a Spanish mayor. sk, holding, dramatic human interest material.

Publisher: Macmillan