ANGEL OF HUDSON'S BAY by William Ashley Anderson
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The first ""lady warden"" of a Canadian game preserve is immortalized in this rattling good story of life in the Arctic wilds. Maud Maloney Watt's husband, James, managed an outpost of the Hudson's Bay Company, and observed the decline in the number of furs taken year after year. The appalling poverty of the Indians --upon whom the Company depended to gather those furs -- made a deep impression on the Watts. The hardships and dangers of the wilderness did not prevent them from devoting great effort to solving some basic problems of the region. When Jim Watt died, the ""beaver ranch"" he had developed was in danger of exploitation. Maud's excellent reputation as a businesswoman caused the government to appoint her to watch over the enterprise in an official capacity, and she is still doing so, apparently to the benefit of all concerned. There isn't a dull moment anywhere in this book. It has pace, drama, and all the qualities that make adventure stories worthwhile. Above all, it has a ring of reality that makes it quite irresistible.

Publisher: Dutton