GOD HELP ME!: From Kindergarten to the Radical Faith by William B. Silverman

GOD HELP ME!: From Kindergarten to the Radical Faith

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This book may be written by a Rabbi, but it is addressed to all who live in the Judo-Christian Tradition, and the Rabbi proves himself able to reach them all. He is addressing every believer and so maintains a forceful vivid style that makes his points hard to forget. With great scorn he goes after ""kindergarten religion"" to which so many people cling after they have otherwise matured. His analysis of ""what not to believe"" is bound to make almost any believer think twice. Then he develops the nature of a positive faith and so comes to his main thesis:- any faith worth having is relevant to the problems of the day and challenges the believer as a son of God to work for a new Creation. Dr. Silverman has great concerns about race, color, creed, materialism and other divisive and basically irreligious forces. His wealth of illustrations makes for easy reading and hard forgetting. This presentation will find a wide audience which will be challenged, judged and helped by its powerful pages.

Publisher: Macmillan