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For those interested in meteorology as a career as well as for those Uncle Weatherby and Carol Reed fans determined to emerge from a mental smog of ""cold and warm fronts"" and ""highs and lows"", this offers a plethora of valuable facts. From the upper regions of Aroostock County, Maine, where the weather station can predict the course of agricultural output and the prosperity of farmers, to the intricate station at Idlewild, where special measuring instruments determine landing and take-off, the U.S. Weather Bureau performs an indispensable service. Here are some of the tools and methods it employs not only in forecasting weather but in performing numerous public services -- such as hurricane flood and warning. A compact history of its origins, clear descriptions of such phenomena as measuring and drawing the sky, using synoptic charts, sending up radiosondes and the effects of weather on history are some of the important topics. In a quick glance toward the future we see automatic weather stations, satellites and extensive training in meteorology. Highly informative.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1962
Publisher: McKay