THE MASTER'S MEN by William Barclay


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All that the New Testament has to tell about the Twelve Apostles, and then some, is the material which goes into this useful and informative book. Tradition and legends are not history, the Rev. William Barclay readily admits, but they do tell much about a man which the leaner facts of history might miss entirely. So here we have in considerable detail the individual stories of The Twelve as they are found in the chronicles of the New Testament and as they were remembered in saintly lore. It makes a good combination, and one would predict that many a series of sermons on the Master's men will be born here, and congregations will be edified, for Doctor Barclay is known for his exposition of the scriptures with the mind of a scholar and the tongue of today. His research should be rewarded by many readers who will find this book rewarding.

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon