HUNTING ENGLAND (English Countryside Series) by William Beach Thomas

HUNTING ENGLAND (English Countryside Series)

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A completely enchanting book with sales possibilities galore. For the sportsman England-bound this Coronation summer, this will be a perfect release from too much pomp and parties. He may read the book on shipboard, plan a vacation trip to the famous hunting countries, he may dash to it for suggestions on a quiet day in the English countryside, or condemned to suffer through a Tourist summer he may secretly follow the chase with the famous packs as he is rushed from building to gallery from lake to shore, seeing and appreciating the landscape far more as he visualizes each dale filled with gay pink coats and hounds in full cry. Then there are those who though they do not actively engage in the sport would be tremendously flattered to be considered sporting enough to enjoy it, where is the man or woman who hasn't longed to ride well and dreamed of looking superb in formal hunting attire? All this in case you think this book must wait until Fall for its lawful sale. It is ideal then, but it's a staunch year-arounder divided into two parts -- the general scene, in which the Meet, its history, quarry, country and personnel are described and the chief hunting grounds in which the famous sections are delightfully described in stories and accounts of each hunt.

Publisher: Scribner