THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY of Sir Ernest Shackleton by William Bixby
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THE IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY of Sir Ernest Shackleton

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Many books of true adventure could be written on the theme of Sir Ernest Shackleton's lonely crossing of the Antarctic. To attempt this crossing, even under the best conditions required unusual courage. To undertake it in 1914 with technical facilities being less developed than they are today, and to pursue it in the face of disaster required a heroism of which few men are capable. In this depiction of torturing fatigue, cold, and solitude, William Bixby once more recreates the atmosphere of that harrowing voyage on which no man was lost, the physical details of the trip, and the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the scene against which it was taken. For those who read with interest the Lansing version in The Valiant Journey, this offers another intriguing glance into the frozen mission. For those unfamiliar with the latter book, a vivid introduction to contemporary heroism.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1960
Publisher: Little, Brown-AMP