TIGER TEN by William Blankenship


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Riley Stone, Chennault's double-ace fighter pilot with the Flying Tigers, is in Rangoon where first a spy is executed on the street and a half breath later Riley zealously shoots two Burmese. All this is mere canape to the 50-gallon drum of blood, brainsplatter and guts to follow. Riley had flown for Franco and the Germans in Spain (they paid better) but never spends a cent without great pain. When two million dollars is offered for a flyable Zero, his mercenary heart is moved to go behind enemy lines where he's captured. A giant Japanese general known as Old 65 (his member is the height of 65 stacked American silver dollars) more or less rapes his newspaperwoman-sidekick. Riley asks, ""Are you all right?"" She responds, ""Sure thing, coach. Just give me a hot shower and put me back in the game."" A crushingly half-witted story which moves like a tracer bullet and destroys every sensibility.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam