IN HIGH PLACES by William Brown Maloney


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More Hitleriana, an idea book, verging on the stunt, to drive home again the ideology of Fascism, the warped psychology of the man at the helm. The immediate conflict presented here is between science and personal motives, when a Jewish surgeon, in hiding for five years after having been mutilated by the Nazis, is ferreted out and brought to Hitler. Hitler is the victim of a brain tumor, and the Jew, Emmerlich, is the only one able to perform the delicate operation. Emmerlich stifles all personal bias and operates successfully, to be killed at the close by the fanatical blackshirt-brother of the girl he loves. Some rather interesting interpretative analysis of Hitler, if a rather fanciful idea. Well written, but not for a wide range.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1939
Publisher: Knopf