EAGLE'S PARADISE: A Kelly McCoy Mystery by William Buchanan

EAGLE'S PARADISE: A Kelly McCoy Mystery

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The author's third Kelly McCoy story (his last was The Ghost of Dagger Bay, 1963, p. 367, J-133) follows a similar pattern: Kelly, editor of his high school paper, is gathering information for a story; his father; a reporter, is doing the same on a much grander scale (he's off for Europe to explore the world of art thieves); as the two newspapermen progress, they find they have almost the same story in the end which they find right in their home town. This time, the general theme involves art dealers and a wealthy couple who have collected art pieces on their world travels. Kelly discovers the culprit through a strange letter, and lets his father in on the facts; together with the help of K.'s friend Biff, his sister Penny, and a pet monkey the mystery is solved and some valuable missing art works are recovered. The story is a contrived piece of suspense with bits of cuteness tossed in (e.g. a giggling monkey); the author has done better before.

Pub Date: April 22nd, 1964
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman