HOME SWEET HOME HAS WHEELS or ""Please Don't Tailgate the Real Estate by William C. Anderson

HOME SWEET HOME HAS WHEELS or ""Please Don't Tailgate the Real Estate

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The peripatetic Andersons (When the Offspring Have Sprung, Penelope the Damp Detective) take to the open road for a less-than-original cross-country trip in a 30-foot motor home. (Funniest of all is the image of filling the RV's 115-gallon gas tanks.) Dortha and Bill (""Red Writer"" to CB'ers) sell their San Diego condominium and head across the Southwest to New Orleans and Disneyworld, then mosey up the East Coast--with a side trip to Spain--and back to the Pacific, stopping in numerous campgrounds, briefly looking at Civil War battle sites (which, fair warning, they promise to spend a year exploring in the future), visiting his old Air Force buddies, rubbing shoulders with tough-talking (but big-hearted) truckers, and befriending (pointedly) blacks and Mexicans. In their world, people ""tie on the feedbag,"" sleep in ""jam-jams,"" give birth to ""seedlings,"" and amuse each other with bathroom humor (like the woman hospitalized after sitting on an epoxy-coated toilet seat); men have ""happy hours,"" and women rhapsodize about vacuum cleaners and blenders. Bill and Dortha wax philosophical about the anonymity of the highway and the value to elected officials of touring in RV's to really understand peoples' concerns. Anderson fans may appreciate this latest; for others, a very long trip.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Crown