JOY by William C. Schutz


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Dr. Schutz, a practising psychologist in California, really equates Joy with an expanded potential achieved by lessening certain inhibiting or spolitative influences--guilt, shame, fear, etc. He also believes that many people, without professional therapy, can overcome certain of these constraints toward which end this is designed, although one can question its appeal for the less experienced and/or experimental reader. The early part of the book deals with the somatic effects of aggression, etc. and there are exercises which exorcise--hostility, tension, etc. or which may enhance your sensory, motor and muscular performance. Most of the book, however, stressing interpersonal and interorganizational relationships via group therapy, uses free association and particularly fantasy as a release. Some of it is an approximation of psychodrama. Dr. Schutz has quite a battery of credentials and contributions to the professional literature--one suggests it is for co-workers, case workers, counselors, and only the occasional graduate student of games people play.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Grove