GALLANT COLT by William Campbell Cault


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By the author of Thunder Road (1953), which was a definitely holding story of auto racing, this adventure of gypsy horseracing has the same suspense, the same knack for apt characterization and a convincing argument against the ruinous, large scale track gambling. Denny Nolan, 15 and an orphan, is living with the stable-owning Randalls, and has the makings of a jockey in him. He meets Jeff Sutherland, a veterinarian who has lost a fortune on bets. Denny is firmly against gambling, but the two are drawn together in their love for Endeavor, a colt of the Randalls'. When Jeff plays poker to buy the colt, Denny has his doubts, but is so overcome with the chance to race him that a partnership is formed that takes them on to the Cavanaugh. The race makes their name and money enough to buy a farm- but not before Jeff's weaknesses and Denny's strength have led them into and out of near ruin for a climax that puts them square. Top sales potentials for the Walter Farley Black Stallion market.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1954
Publisher: Dutton