THE UNDERGROUND SKIPPER by William Campbell Gault


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From assembling a team on to world series victory, a season in the ail-baseball life of 58-year-old New York Titans coach Mike Ryan. True there is a wife, Myrna, who is very much in the picture, but even their conversations are all baseball and in fact she (being the underground skipper of the title) even recruits his pitchers for him -- from among their now married daughter's old boyfriends. Mike is not at all happy about one of the boyfriends, who jilted Mary for a starlet and has been a boozer to boot, but Myrna's instincts (intuition? or is it that MA and 147 IQ that Mike keeps bringing up?) prove sound, and in fact it is she who makes the on-the-spot decision that wins Mike that crucial last game of seven from the Dodgers. After seventeen years in the minors Mike has understandably outgrown any rookie ebullience, and that's the way he tells this rather tired, middle-aged story.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1975
Page count: 134pp
Publisher: Dutton