DIM THUNDER by William Campbell Gault


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William Campbell Gault, whose racing stories have won him many enthusiasts among teen agers, tells, here, a story of two young men and their passionate interest in automobiles. Set in 1910, this is more than a story of fast cars and races, though, if anyone can describe the hairsplitting tactics of the auto track, Mr. Gault certainly is the one. It is the story of an era in which adventurous youth looked to the road with the same pioneer enthusiasm that today's young men search space. Pleasant characterization, action, and a good feeling of time and place, lift Dim Thuries cut of the hot rod category, even though it is certain that any boy or girl who is intoxicated by the smell of burning oil will find this book of particular interest.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1958
Publisher: Dutton