GOLDEN HOOFS by William Cary Duncan


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Amazing is as near as one can come to describing this mare but it is a mild adjective. Mr. Duncan was discouraged by many when he suggested writing the Maid's story but what a tale we'd have missed if he hadn't had a nose for news. Those who knew the exploits of the famous trotter will welcome having the facts in print for it is a story so fantastic that it can't be told doubting Thomases without loud guffaws and offers to send it to the Ripley circles or the Tall Story Club. The story provides a classic for all who love a good mare, good sport or a good fast track. A story fit to take its place with Bugle Ann to perpetuate a noble form of sport. Until lately trotting had waned but now there has been a swing back to popularity which will make the appearance of this book doubly opportune. J. Louis Lundean has done the delightful illustrations and jacket which add immeasurably to its charm. For boys and girls from eight to eighty this is a ""must"". Believe it or not you'll love it and share all its thrills.

Publisher: Lippincott