THE THEOMACHIA by William Charles Beller


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This is a long philosophical poem by a classical scholar, poet and scientist. It is a symbolical summation of his reflections about the past, present and future, the inward and outward life, and an affirmation of his belief in ""Eternity's ultimate flower, the spirit of man"". The work takes the form of a trilogy and the first part Prometheus the Counselor occurs in the remote past of Greek pre-history; the second, Zeus Olympios is set in the Council Hall of the Gods at the beginning of a cycle and the third, Pallas Triumphant, takes place in heaven at the close of a cycle. These sections represent the free spirit of an early inquiring paganism, its eventual over-throw by forces of fanaticism, and the final re-emergence of freedom in the modern age. Beller has always been predominantly interested in the Greek drama, and it is the application of modern scientific ideas to the classical form that makes this poem noteworthy. It also expresses an examined faith and a hope in the apotheosis of man... A work of many dimensions- for a special audience.

ISBN: 1163819360
Publisher: Horizon