OH, WHAT NONSENSE by William Cole
Kirkus Star


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Wonderful nonsense--not a sobersided line to a page of rhyme or in the illustrations. Adults working with children's books might save this as an antidote to be used liberally for the apathy that sets in after encounters with long collections of the thin lyrics seasonally dumped on the juvenile market. Comic verse slides down easily and stays to tickle on long after those endless quavers-in-quatrain to Spring. Mr. Cole has compiled backward to Anonymous and Nursery Rhyme, forward to Uncle Shelby Silverstein and John Ciardi and between he hits such highbrow foolish flights as Theodore Roethke's. Mr. Ungerer's drawings are inspired visual nonsense pieces to go with the aural/oral fun. None of these were ever really easy to find, but now they are.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Viking