RACING SMALL BOATS by William Crosby
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The editor of Rudder, takes us on as crew for a season aboard ""the Snipe"". He races two boats, one too old, one too new; he does not win every race, but is outclassed in nine races of newer boats which beat him on performance by narrow margin. Clever handling, with each race a lesson, and he shows the mistakes that lose minutes, miles and races, timing, use of port tack, sail adjustment, trimming to give advantage. He goes into the care of an old boat to make it like new. There are exciting races, honest analysis, careful tactics in advance, consideration of weather, wind and tide, observation of opponents, technique, and retrospective summing up of the race. A book by which every small boat sailor could profit, and now is the time to get advance orders before the season is upon us. This should have a plus sale in older boys' and girls' market.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1940
Publisher: Macmillan