CAESARS IN GOOSE STEP by William D. Bayles
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Here are profiles of Germany's political evangelists, by a Time-Life man who has lived in Germany up until the outbreak of the war. Fast, exciting dramatic reading though not profound, they seem more authentic than a good many of the Hitler smear jobs, and the marginalia on these personages in private and public life in Germany today is absorbingly interesting. With an introductory chapter showing how Germany has been preparing and organizing for world conquest in every phase of life. Then the sketches:- Hitler, the mystic, Goering, his paladin, the Falstaffian sensualist and addict; Goebbels, the loudspeaker; Hess, Hitler's Fraulein; Ribbentrop, the salesman; Himmler, head of the S.S. and most likely candidate as Hitler's successor; Ley, head of Labor; Rosenberg, the mystagogue who formulated a good deal of the Nazi credo. A group of perverts and madmen, with their satelites in army and navy, and the three leaders fulfilling the old German jingle: ""A fool, a cripple, a morphinist Shall lead us when the time comes.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1940
Publisher: Harper